These 10 symptoms are seen in the body when the kidney is damaged, Expert treatment

10. Symptoms are seen in the body when the Kidney is damaged.



Two organs of bean-shaped organisms located in the renal system are called kidneys.

These two limbs perform many important functions in the human body.

The function of these organs cleanses the blood out of the waste.

Two organs of bean-shaped organisms located in the renal system are called kidneys. It does many important functions in the human body. The function of these organs is to filter out the blood before it is sent to the heart and take out the residual products and extra fluid in the form of urine so that the salt, potassium and acid content in the body can be controlled.

This body weight of 150-170 grams works for the human body. For this reason, in order to increase awareness about the importance of these organs, in 2006, World Kidney Day (World Kidney Day) was started as a global awareness campaign. This day celebrated on the second Thursday of March celebrates 88 countries around the world.

This annual campaign educates people about the increase in rates of kidney related diseases worldwide, along with its effectiveness, prevention, and management. The term Kidney disease is used for all types of disorders related to the fist-size, which is located between the upper and lower part of the stomach and is protected from damage by lower ribs. Some common types of kidney diseases are:

World Kidney Day

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD or chronic renal disease)
In this, the functioning of the limb gradually decreases and the kidney stops working for a few months to years. As a result, the kidneys stop functioning permanently and if repeated treatment is not done with dialysis or kidney transplantation then the cause of death of the person can be caused. However, there are 5 steps to CKD. In the last stage, the victim's kidneys work less than 15% compared to the normal person, which is called ESRF (End Stage Renal Failure).

Another remedial cause, especially in the Indian context, is the disease of renal tract stone (kidney stones); Having kidney stones or urinary stones is often accompanied by the history of neglecting the pain of abdominal pain and sometimes due to kidney failures. Those who have many symptoms of urinary tract infections are more susceptible to stones, as well as people with high uric acid blood levels.

Another risk factor is the long-term use of such medicines that can damage the kidneys, such as NSAIDs, some antibiotics, and even some medicines used to treat high blood pressure.

NSAIDs are used to treat conditions like fever, various types of pain (e.g., indomethacin, buffer, naproxen etc.), but they reduce the amount of blood flow in the kidneys. On receiving NSAIDs, patients with heart, liver or kidney are more prone to kidney damage.

Some antibiotics can be harmful to the kidneys, so do not take antibiotics without consulting your doctor.

If you are kept on diabetes-like diuretic or ACE inhibitors, consult the test and doctor according to your doctor's consultation.


Acute kidney injury (acute injury to kidney)
This type of situation is usually caused by sudden injury in accident or kidney. If adequate medical care is taken then there is room for improvement in this situation. According to the Indian Society of Nephrology (INS) 2017 data, about 175,000 new cases of Kidney failure (stage 5 CKD) occur every year in India. These people require dialysis and/or kidney transplantation as medical treatment. Apart from this, 1 in 10 people are suffering from Chronic Kidney Disorder (CKD) in some form. According to the World Kidney Day organization, their number is estimated to be 850 million worldwide. Due to CKD, there are approximately 2.4 million deaths per year. This disease is the fastest growing cause of death in the world.


It is important to be aware of the initial warning of this disease. However, initial symptoms often do not appear. Some of these are:

Increase in urine content, especially at night

Fatigue and drowsiness

poor appetite

Swelling and muscle stiffness in the feet and ankles

Bloating around the eyes morning

However, if a person has the following symptoms, then his disease leads to kidney failure, and the doctor should be consulted -

nausea and vomiting

Widespread lack of appetite

Decrease of urine

Anemia (lack of blood)

An unexpected rise in potassium levels



After a few tests to check the functioning of the kidney, the doctor can detect kidney disease. Common kidney tests have blood kidney function tests, which include blood urea and creatinine and urine routine test. In imaging tests, changes in ultrasound and CT scan, kidney and urinary tract or stones are detected. Depending on these results, your doctor may ask for further tests.

Rescue, management, and treatment:



However, genetic factors, family history, etc. also play a major role in certain forms of kidney disease, the good thing about kidney disease is that they can be avoided by being conscious of some things. Urine test to avoid kidney disease, regular monitoring of your BP, controlling diabetes and healthy lifestyle, in which healthy diet, plenty of water, less salt intake, exercise is required to be included in the routine.

CKD initial management

Changes in lifestyle can be helpful as early management of Kidney's chronic diseases. But it is important to know the reason and try it so that it can be treated and in some cases, it can be completely cured.

When CKD is confirmed, it is the best way to slow the speed of kidney failures with regular follow-up with Nephrologist or physician.

Management in later stages of CKD

Dialysis or ultimately kidney transplant may be required so it will be put in immediate transplant list.

Here the appeal to the readers is that they should register for Angad so that the ill-fated people with a situation like ESRD could get a second chance to live.

And finally, let's make some minor changes in lifestyle on World Kidney Day, even if you are suffering from any disease or not. As you know, this disease does not improve with the use of time or time, but it is likely to worsen further, it is necessary to take the right action at the right time. Eventually, its functioning is important for a living creature.
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